Bioscience Discovery, Volume 11, Number 2, Page Number 67-110, Month & Year: April - 2020

Synergistic effect of Antibiotics on Aureofungin resistance in Alternaria tenuis causing fruit rot of grape

Kadam K. S.

Department of Botany, K. K. M. College, Manwath-431505, Dist. Parbhani (MS)

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Received: 01-02-2020,
Revised: 04-03-2020,
Accepted: 07-03-2020

Fruit rot of grape caused by Alternaria tenuis was found to be resistant to Aureofungin. Antibiotics viz. Griseofulvin Mycostatin, Penicillin and Strepomycin individually or in mixture with Aureofungin were tested both in vitro and in vivo against resistant mutant of Alternaria tenuis. Results showed that individually PCE was higher in Mycostatin followed by Griseofulvin, streptomycin and Penicillin. Use of Aureofungin mixed with antibiotics, the PCE was highly increased.

Keywords: : Fruit rot, Alternaria tenuis, Aurofungin.

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