Bioscience Discovery, Volume 11, Number 1, Page Number 01-66, Month & Year: Jan. - 2020

Seasonal Biochemical Changes in the fresh water Fish Rohitee cotio (Ham)

Ganeshwade R. M.

Department of Zoology,
Smt. Meenalben Mehta College, Panchgani, Tal. Mahabaleshwar, Dist. Satara

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Received: 10-10-2019,
Revised: 11-12-2019,
Accepted: 20-12-2019

Fresh water Fish Rohitee cotio (Ham) were collected from Krishna River near Audumber. The seasonal changes in the biochemical contents of the muscles were analyzed. Seasonal variation in the Protein, Glycogen, Ascorbic acid and Lipid are given in the table no 4 and graph number 13-16. Protein level in this fish increases from the month of October (10.6892 ±0.043689) to June (19.10747 ±0.043689). From the month of July (17.8633 ±0.02184) its value decreases up to the month of October (10.6892 ±0.043689).Glycogen level steadily decreases from the month of February (0.6578 ± 5.9888-3) to December (0.192098 ± 5.15697-3). This is the period of spawning and post-spawning, during this glycogen contents from the muscles is utilized to meet energy demand. Ascorbic acid level in the muscles shows two peak values in the months of March to June (0.4052 ±6.45495-3 to 0.4628 ±6.45495-3) and October to December (0.2937 ±4.62561-3 to 0.4463 ±9.25122-3). Ascorbic acid content is high during breeding season. Lipid level in the muscles shows two peak values in the month of August (0.3876 ± 2.8588-3) and December (0.60687 ± 2.4842-3). Very low level of lipid is observed during breeding period.

Keywords: Rohitee cotio, Protein, Glycogen, Lipid and Ascorbic

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