Bioscience Discovery, Volume 10, Number 4, Page Number 185-192, Month & Year: Oct. - 2019

Observations on the Dicotyledonous Weed Flora of CMPRH, Indira Nagar, Emerald, The Nilgiris

J. Shashikanth*, S. Mugendhiran and M. Murali and S. Rajan

Centre of Medicinal Plants Research in Homoeopathy (CMPRH)
Indira Nagar, Emerald, The Nilgiris- 643 209, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Received: 19-07-2019,
Revised: 16-09-2019,
Accepted: 22-09-2019

The Present paper deals with weeds of cultivated fields of Rosemary, Cineraria, Achillea, Thymus and Digitalis occurring in and around the CMPRH garden in Emerald, The Nilgiris District. A total number of 78 Plants species belonging to 29 families have been recorded. These species have been enumerated alphabetically with correct binomial followed by basionym, brief description, Phenology and distribution. The Dominant family Asteraceae contains 26 species followed by Solanaceae 8 species, Caryophyllaceae 5 species, Brassicaceae, Oxalidaceae, Amaranthaceae, Polygonaceae 3 species each, Fabaceae, Rosaceae, Verbenaceae, Plantaginaceae, Amaranthaceae, families are represented by two species each  remaining families are represented by single species each. The most commonly reported species are Spergula arvensis L., Helichrysum bracteatum (Vent.) Tzvelev, Bidens pilosa L., Erigeron canadensis L. and Hypochaeris glabra L., Centella asiatica (L.) Urban., Wahlenbergia marginata (Thunb.) A.DC., Spermacoce hispida L., Leucas  aspera L. and Coronopus didymus  (L.) Smith. were compete with Rosemary, Cineraria, Achillea, Thymus and Digitalis crops for nutrients and space and bringing down the yields.

CMPRH, Homoeopathy Medicinal Plants, Nilgiri District, Weeds  

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J. Shashikanth, S. Mugendhiran and M. Murali and S. Rajan, 2019. Observations on the Dicotyledonous Weed Flora of CMPRH, Indira Nagar, Emerald, The Nilgiris. Bioscience Discovery, 10(4):185-192.

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