Bioscience Discovery, Volume 10, Number 4, Page Number 165-167, Month & Year: Oct. - 2019

Antagonistic Capability combined   Trichoderma harzianum and T. Pseudokoningii against Alternaria alternata (Fries ) Keissler causing leaf spot of Gerbera

Waghmare M. B.

Department of Advanced Research in Botany,
The New College, Kolhapur -416012.Maharashtra, India

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Received: 14-07-2019,
Revised: 15-09-2019,
Accepted: 19-09-2019

Gerbera is the ornamental plant suffering from the leaf spot caused by Alternaria alternata. Present ecofriendly studies have confirmed the importance and effectiveness of the Trichoderma species against many fungal phytopathogens In the present study investigation has been made on the bio control effects of Trichoderma harzianum alone ,in combination with Trichoderma pseudokoningii and   alternate use were evaluated against the Alternaria alternata causing leaf spot of gerbera. In the continuous passage Trichoderma harzianum used alone against the pathogen up to seventh passage. In alternate passage Trichoderma harzianum used alternately with T. pseudokoningi and in the Mixed passage both the Trichoderma Sp. used combindly and Screened against the pathogen by dual culture technique. Among these, alternate and combined used of Trichoderma sp.  shown the significant reduction in the growth of the pathogen. 84.33% and 78.66 % of growth inhibition was found in the combined and alternate use Trichoderma harzianum. While in continuous passage or alone use increased the Trichoderma harzianum resistance in the Pathogen.

Gerbera, fungicides, Trichoderma harzianum, Alternaria alternate, Keissler

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