Bioscience Discovery, Volume 10, Number 4, Page Number 207-213, Month & Year: Oct. - 2019

Perception of fish farmers to agricultural extension services in Anambra central Senatorial district, Anambra state, Nigeria

1 Ibemenuga Keziah Nwamaka and 2 Ifeanyi Promise Chinonso

1,2 Department Of Biological Sciences Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University,
P.M.B 02, Uli, Anambra State, Nigeria
Corresponding Author: Ibemenuga Keziah Nwamaka

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Received: 05-07-2019,
Revised: 11-09-2019,
Accepted: 18-09-2019

The present study investigated the perception of fish farmers to agricultural extension services in Anambra State. Specifically, the study investigated the socio-economic characteristics, extension service sources and information given. A structured questionnaire was administered to the fish farmers to collect information. A total of 96 fish farmers were selected from five local government areas within the district. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The age bracket with the highest respondents is 41 - 50 years which formed 35% of the total population. Majority (85%) of the fish farmers in the study area were males. Most of the respondents were educated and the highest population (75%) obtained information form Agricultural Development Programmes. Chi-square analysis conducted revealed significant difference between information identification and age (p<0.05) as well as marital status (p<0.05). Government should provide interest free credit facilities to farmers. Fish farmers should be encouraged to make adequate use of extension services to boost fish production.

Perception, fish farmers, agricultural extension services, Socio-economic characteristics, Anambra State, Nigeria.

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